What Is HP Utility and Why Do You Need It?

What Is HP Utility and Why Do You Need It?

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What is HP Utility? Basically, it is a kind of software that allows Mac or Windows users to get the best out of their HP printer. There are reasons you need this software. You might have done the clean installation when you plug in the printer, in which only the basic functions of the printer installed on the computer you use. Or, you could have deleted the software from your computer by accident. In many situations, you can still use the printer through the AirPrint feature. But that is all about it; you can only use the print for this basic function. All other potentials that the printer might have been offering you by now are buried without you being able to fully utilize them—until you reinstall the Utility software. The management software offers you a variety of features and functions you can use on your Mac or Windows OS.

You can go to the HP Utility to download printer software that compatibility with your printer. When you do this, the Utility software will also be installed on your computer automatically. Find out if the software has already been installed on your computer by accessing the Finder menu and accessing the applications list. Get into the HP folder and select HP Utility—it’s that simple.

The HP Utility software is packed full of management features. You can access these features by getting into the toolbar on the software’s interface. Within the toolbar menu, you can see a lot of stuff you can click to discover their contents.

This section contains information regarding printers that are available and the status of each of those printers.

All Settings
This section contains information regarding a printer that you have selected:

  • Supplies Status: This feature allows you to check on the current levels of ink cartridge supply and things about HP Instant Ink.
  • Supply Info: This feature allows you to discover the model numbers and replacements for the ink cartridge you use.
  • Align: This feature allows you to print an alignment page to get the best quality.
  • Clean Back of Page Smear: This feature allows you to clean parts of the printer that causes smear.
  • Clean Printheads: This allows you to resolve issues regarding print quality.
  • Paper Feed Cleaning: This allows you to improve issues of paper feed.
  • Print Quality Diagnostics: This allows you to check any issues about printing.
  • Test: This allows you to find out if there are issues with connection, alignment or quality.
  • Message Center: This allows you to enable warning messages.
  • Auto-off: This allows you to set the amount of time before the printer shuts off.
  • Network Settings: You can change the settings of the network with this.
  • Wireless Setup: You can change swap the USB connection to wireless.
  • Scan to Computer: You can directly save the scanned files to your computer.

HP Support
You can access troubleshooting and other information online.

You can purchase supplies for your printer online.

This menu allows you to register your device online.

Find out how to best recycle HP products.

Product Improvement
Participate in an anonymous research program without your personal data collected.

Read more regarding HP Utility from HP Website

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