Steps to Connect an HP Wireless Printer to Your Wireless Network

Steps to Connect an HP Wireless Printer to Your Wireless Network

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Steps to Connect an HP Wireless Printer to Your Wireless Network – Most of the latest models of HP Printers are equipped with wireless printing feature. To enjoy this feature to the fullest, you need to install the driver of the printer and its software. You can get the installation on HP websites.

Preparing for installation HP Wireless Printer to Your Wireless Network

There are several things that you need to prepare before setting your printer up on the wireless network. Those preparations are listed below:

  • Make sure to gather the USB cable (you will need to connect the cable when the installer gives prompts), the printer (place it close to your computer), internet access (DSL or cable are more recommended), a computer that is connected to the wireless network, network password (WPA passphrase or WEP key, and network name (SSID).
  • Turn on the computer, printer, and router. The computer and the printer must be connected to the same network.
  • Disconnect any Ethernet or USB cables from your printer.

Downloading and installing the driver

You need to install the driver of your printer to be able to set it on your wireless network. You will also need to connect the printer and the computer through USB cable temporarily. This process lets the printer gather all necessary information related to wireless connectivity from your computer. The steps of downloading and installing the software are listed below:

  • Visit
  • Input the model number of your printer and click Begin.
  • Select Download, then choose Open, Save, or Run.
  • Click the downloaded file in the download bar of your browser or go to Downloads folder and double-click the file to run the installation.
  • Follow the instruction on screen to finish the driver installation and connection setup.
  • Go back to and finish the printer activation and registration.

You can also use the CD that comes with the package of your printer for driver and software installation. Make sure to plug the USB cable only when it is prompted.

Printer connection Issues

If you encounter any issue regarding the connectivity, there are several things that you can do to solve it. Those options can be read on the list below:

  • Download HP Print and Scan Doctor at HP official website: This software will help you define and solve the printing problem you encounter.
  • Restart your computer and printer: restarting both devices may clear the potential errors.
  • Confirm the network name and printer connection: you have to ensure the blue light located near the Wireless symbol is on and remains steady. Go to Wireless network menu and confirm that your printer and computer are connected to the same wireless network.
  • Move the router and printer closer to each other: make sure the distance is close enough but more than 1.8 meters to strengthen the wireless signals.
  • Connect the printer manually to your network: you can try to manually connect your printer by using the wizard tool in the control panel of the printer. Follow the instruction on screen to input the network password and name.
  • Restart your router: this can be done if you experience intermittent or slow wireless connection. You can consult for the instructions with the manufacturer, network administrator, or Internet service provider.
  • Check the band setting of your router: most routers are compatible with both 5.0 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands. However, not every HP printer support them. Make sure your router is broadcasting and enabled.
  • Check the firewall software on your computer: firewall software may prevent an access from your printer. Allow or accept the firewall messages that occur during the process of installation.
  • Check any obstructions between the router and the printer: make sure not metal objects are placed between the router, the printer, and the computer as it may interfere the wireless signals.
  • Check other devices that produce wireless and radio signals: cordless telephones and microwaves may interfere the wireless signals, so move it away during the installation.
  • Set your printer’s IP address: the printer is able to dodge DHCP’s assignments and use valid IP address you select. Input a valid IP address of the local area network you choose by using the front panel menu.

You can set up a wireless connection even if you already installed the software on an Ethernet network or USB connection by changing the connection type. Open HP folder in the list of installed programs, and choose your printer’s folder, then click your printer name to open the printer software. Choose Utilities and select Printer Setup & Software. Choose Connect a new printer, and follow the instructions on the screen to set the wireless connection.

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